By Mike Mineo

Sundogs – “Refuse”

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Sporting melodic guitars and brassy accompaniments that remind of acts like Huey Lewis and Graham Parker, “Refuse” is a recent track from Sundogs. The Seattle-based band impressed in the past year with tracks like “I Want It Now” and “Freedom.” The band’s latest album, Move, features “Refuse” and other tracks exploring the band’s melodic takes on rock — in the progressive, roots, and indie vein — alongside jazz, blues, and jam-friendly influences. The songwriting duo of Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt show a timeless appeal on a track like “Refuse,” where piano, guitars, and brass accompany suave vocals amidst a series of structural shifts and rises. “Don’t let some sad old memory kill your instinct to pursue,” the vocals let out during a particularly melodic mid-section, followed by a delectably bluesy guitar solo.

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