In The Night Of The Light
by Stan Snow

When my son, Tyler, was little, I used to tell him stories at bedtime.   I would often make up stories about the adventures of two dogs who would explore the world, both seen and unseen.   They would usually start out at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA, and they would often find an underground tunnel or cave system that had a series of secret doorways. The doorways led to other worlds, and adventures that boggled the mind.   At some point of course, Tyler would fall asleep.   But it often gave me an opportunity to share with him the spirit of creativity, adventure, imagination and the pursuit of dreams.   There was a book called Illusions, by Richard Bach, that had a great influence on me.   In the book he told the story of a village of creatures who lived along the bottom of a great river.   Each creature clung tightly to the rocks on the bottom, for that was their way of life.   But one creature said “I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going.   I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom”.   In The Night of The Light is a song about seeking adventure, and finding your way in the midst of a world that often does not make sense.   I wrote the opening guitar riff first, and then added the chord progression, melody and lyric as the song started to take shape.   Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton were big influences on me. Also, David Sancious, True Stories. I am using a Strat through a ’59 Fender Twin.   Jed played some amazingly spiritual chops on piano, during the outro. We felt like we captured lightning in a bottle.  

Turn down the light
It’s time to rest
Let go the night
Inside your head

Open up,
Your wings will carry you beyond the dawn

No one knows
All reason, buries you in treason
Find your way
You’re learning, don’t give up the turning tide

It’s all in your mind
The freedom within
You got to roll down the river til a beacon is revealed inside
In the night of the light

You float downstream
The sky turns blue
You find the peace
You know it’s true

No more lies
You’re hanging on to try to find resolve

Only you can
Weather all the dreams that reach you
Every day
Is fleeting hold on tight to what you know

It’s all in your mind
The freedom within
You got to roll down the river til a beacon is revealed inside
In the night of the light

Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass
Jed Moffitt: co-producer, keyboards
Mike Stone: drums
Jazmin Candia: backing vocals
Don Gunn: engineering, mixing, mastering

Copyright 2020 SAS West Music BMI, All rights reserved.