Comin’ Back Home
by Stan Snow

Janie is a fictional character but could be someone’s daughter or girlfriend.   She chases a wild vision only to realize that things aren’t so easy out in the real world.   I came up with the initial riff for this song on the mandolin.   Then, transferred it to a strat and built the tune from there.   The melody and chord progressions were created at the same time as the lyric.   Jed played an amazing piano solo.   We captured it live in the studio with 3 cameras, one on a slider cam on top of the piano. For the guitar solos, I played a Telecaster through a ’59 Fender Twin amp and went for a classic southern rock vibe.   The ending is harmonized with two lead guitars, inspired by one of my favorite bands – Lynyrd Skynyrd.  

Janie took a ride downtown to the station
She’s got a one track mind and a complication
She can’t find true love in the back of a truck
Everybody’s sayin’ it’s a matter of luck
She doesn’t really know what to do
She’s comin’ back home to you

Well Janie went south with a pipe dream mission
She had a camper van and tie dye vision
But when the lightning strikes and it finds the boat
You gotta bail the water if you’re gonna stay afloat
She doesn’t really know what to do…..
She’s comin’ back home to you

All it takes is a little bit of common sense
You don’t need to go darwinistic
Just get your things and don’t go ballistic ….on me

Piano Solo

Well Janie got caught in a state of transition
Workin’ 9 to 5 ain’t a way to partition
But when the drinkin’ stops and the lights go down
Ain’t no body gonna carry you around
She doesn’t really know what to do…..
She’s comin’ back home to you

Guitar Solo

Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass
Jed Moffitt: co-producer, keyboards
Mike Stone: drums
Jazmin Candia: backing vocals
Don Gunn: engineering, mixing, mastering

Copyright 2020 SAS West Music BMI, All rights reserved.