by Stan Snow

The idea for this song first came to me while I was playing a Martin D-28 acoustic guitar in DADGAD tuning. I came up with the opening riff, and then added the chord progression and melody. I was hearing a Crosby, Stills, Nash vocal harmony in my head, and the word Freedom came to mind as I was singing the first sustained note of what became the chorus.   As the tune developed from there, I was thinking about how so many people throughout history have struggled, fought and died, with unrelenting determination to gain their freedom. And the injustice of what happens when those in power, decimate those who stand in their way. There is a book “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond, where he talks about cultures who were able to dominant others throughout history because, in part, of those three things. The last verse is primarily about artistic freedom in the music business. We had the great honor and privilege to have the legendary Alan White (YES, John Lennon, George Harrison, etc.) play drums on this track. Thank you, Alan!! And in an effort to take the song in a YES direction on the production, I used a Rickenbacker 4003 bass, a 1963 reissue Gibson ES-335 electric guitar, and a Gibson L-4 electric guitar.   Jed played some great Hammond organ parts, as well as a CP-70 electric piano.   Don Gunn panned the lead guitar fills side-to-side in places, to give the mix additional depth. You may have to put your headphones on to hear it clearly.  

Like a tidal wave, you find your way
You gotta hold the line to make it stay………to make it stay

Black or white, we all are one in the same
It’s just a change of the name
It’s who we are
Guns and steel can tear your world to the ground
But the strength of your mind
Will carry you on

Like a fire burns hot, you stay the road
You gotta break the chains, and let it go……….. and let it go

Tortured soldiers on the new front line
It’s just a step, in time the war beyond
Fight to bring your vision to the core,
It’s what you’re fighting for
What you can see

Like a thousand years, you’re hanging on
You gotta find a way, to keep it strong………. to keep it strong

Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass
Jed Moffitt: co-producer, keyboards
Alan White: drums
Don Gunn: engineering, mixing, mastering

Copyright 2020 SAS West Music BMI, All rights reserved.