I Want It Now
by Stan Snow

When Jed and I first started writing the music for our third album – The Code – last year, we were initially thinking of doing a concept album and calling it Attention Deficit Disorder. In this day and age, people’s attention spans are shorter than ever and we all have, either 3 seconds, 10 seconds or 30 seconds max, to get someone’s attention. If they don’t like whatever it is that you are offering in the first 3 seconds, they/we, will often move on.   So, as music writers, we have to decide, whether or not to play this game.   Many times, music needs to marinate and develop.   Don’t rush things.   Let the first time listener hear the parts of the song and orchestration that you want them to hear, before adding and/or layering more sounds and parts on top.   Other times, WE WANT IT NOW! In your face.   Ton of bricks.   Boom!   Also, we sometimes don’t want things too complicated.   4 words.   No more. No less.   At 1:30, I Want It Now is an opening fanfare for the new album. It sets the stage.   And of course pays homage to some of my great musical influences – Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and Pete Townshend of The Who.   Rock on!  

I Want It Now

Stan Snow:       songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass
Jed Moffitt:        co-producer, keyboards
Mike Stone:       drums
Don Gunn:         engineering, mixing, mastering

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