“THE SUNDOGS CRACK THE ‘CODE’ TO AN AWESOME CLASSIC ROCK AND JAZZ FUSION ALBUM…….make sure to stream it…. You won’t regret it.” – AudibleAddixion.com ★★★★★

  1. I Want It Now Sundogs 1:30
  2. Mystery Car Sundogs 4:48
  3. Comin' Back Home Sundogs 3:53
  4. Pick It Up Sundogs 4:34
  5. In The Night Of The Light Sundogs 4:52
  6. Ride Sundogs 3:40
  7. Hard Life Sundogs 4:51
  8. Jennifer Sundogs 4:03
  9. The Code Sundogs 4:54
  10. Freedom Sundogs 4:54
  11. Angus Sundogs 4:29
  12. Balloon Sundogs 5:47

“SUNDOGS RELEASE VIBRANT AND VERSATILE RECORD ….They have no limit…..they are wielders of grandness.” – NewSickMusic.com

“Great songs, brilliantly produced and played.” – NoHoArtsDistrict.com

“Like a classic rock’s greatest hits compilation.” – theFarSightedblog.com

“The instrumentation and musicians are phenomenal.” – ThatMusicMag.com

“Vocals on ‘Freedom’ really make it soar…..aided by the help of Alan White’s (YES) propulsive drumming.” – Music-News.com

“Everything on this album is expertly played and enjoyable. …..this act is equally skilled at writing literate lyrics…… It’s that good.” – AntiMusic.com

All videos and audio tracks are posted on SundogsMusic.com.    The videos are also posted on YouTube and on Facebook. Audio tracks are available for download via  iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and many other stores.

About us

The Sundogs are a Seattle based band formed by Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt. Their original music is inspired by the days of Classic Rock and Jazz Fusion.

Their third album, The Code, includes 12 original songs, each with performance videos, written and recorded at Magellan Creek Studios.

Sundogs music is a bit like Tom Petty meets Steely Dan, the Rolling Stones meet Leonard Cohen, Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Paul Simon, Sting meets the Beatles, and so on.  Their styles are diverse.

Snow and Moffitt’s primary goal in music is to satisfy the music fan within.   “If it sounds good to us and it’s something that we like listening to over and over, that is the driving force in how we write, arrange, produce and record. We are doing it for the pure joy of it”.

The music and the performance videos are authentic, filmed during the recording sessions with green screens to allow for CGI post production.  90% of what you see is what you hear.

Stan Snow’s guitar playing has been influenced by Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Michael Hedges, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Steve Morse, Lee Ritenour, Steve Howe, Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, BB King and Eric Clapton.

Jed Moffitt’s keyboard playing has been influenced by Bill Evans, Bruce Hornsby, Keith Jarrett, McCoy Tyner, Oscar Peterson, Lyle Mays, Bud Powell, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Brad Mehldau, Larry Goldings, Benmont Tench and Roy Bittan.

The Sundogs are currently at work on their next album.

The Band

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