End of the World
by Jed Moffitt

I remember the day when I saw a woman (who is now my wife) from a distance across a crowded room. I noticed the tattoos on her arms. I thought, the way I feel for this person at this moment I am absolutely certain, is the most I can possibly feel about someone in this very strange life. I would be a fool to let her go. So I asked her if she would marry me, and if we could do this life thing, whatever it is, together for whatever is left of it. She said yes. The song hankers back to the soulful music of my high-school years. Chicago…surf music…sweet horns…and Eric Patterson on tenor sax bringing the soul like nobody’s business.

I want a woman
With flowers on her skin,
And thunder in her righteous words
That move me deep within

The sleepy fog of time
That obscures the light of day
She burns through like a laser beam
And carries me away

The lonely ones speak of a freedom
That runs with the wind
But to worship at the altar of freedom
Is a tired old prayer to a deadbeat saint
Selling you a heaven he cannot defend

I drink the holy wine
With relative unease
And as the shadows lengthen
I see the forest through the trees

And I want a woman
To help me feel the light
That plays on the horizon
As we welcome in the night
At the end of the world
At the end of the world
At the end of the world

(Sax Solo)

I want a woman
With Bourbon on her breath
To dance me on my walk today
The walk of life and death
As everything changes
And plans go up in smoke
I want a girl, alive in the world
To time and again, take me in
To time and again, take me in

And help me understand the joke

Jed Moffitt: Vocals and keyboards
Stan Snow: Guitars, backing vocals and percussion
Mia Boyle: Backing vocals
Mike Stone: Drums
Chris Symer: Bass
Eric Patterson: Horn arrangements, tenor sax
Jim Sisko: Trumpet
Don Gunn: Mixing
Ed Brooks: Mastering

Copyright 2019 Jed Moffitt BMI, All rights reserved.