by Jed Moffitt and Stan Snow

Last Summer, my wife and I spent a fun 7 days on the Mexican coast in Zihuatanejo. We were treated like royalty with lavish accommodations and an “infinity pool” with a spectacular view of the Pacific. Every night, we had the same waiter–Venustiano–and we became friends. He made salsa from fresh ingredients there at the table and served wonderful fish caught that day from the bay. At the very same time, hundreds of miles to the north, thousands of immigrants were trying to negotiate their way into America for the chance at a better life. I was struck by the contrast of how well I was treated in Mexico as a tourist, as opposed to the myriad of challenges faced by those considerably less lucky than me, stuck at the border in a grind of politics and red tape. The song “Ride” is about this experience and that contrast. Ride begins with a simple bass line (the line that starts the tune) developed by Stan which we jammed on at our annual Sundogs writing retreat. From the rough sketches we recorded, Jed took several passes at building a tune off that line, until, as it so often happens, one lucky day “Ride” just came tumbling out. When a song works, it just works. You know it when you hear it. As you listen, you may hear a little Carole King and Steely Dan coming through. Not that we would be influenced at all by the music of the greats from the 60s and 70s 🙂

A small stone bowl like the Aztecs used
To cut out the hearts of the losers of the games they played
Now this gringo, sits on the veranda
Tequila is poured, the salsa is made
Pennies on the dollar buy a whole barracuda
Swimming in mango and chili lime
The sea birds circling Neverland
While Pancho Villa and the rebels ride across the Rio Grande

Venustiano is my new best friend
He hovers by the bar and waits for a sign
I slip him a twenty when the evening ends
Controverting the rules, an understandable crime
The border patrol and the refugees
Drink Coronas together on the sugar white sand
While Pancho Villa and the rebels ride across the Rio Grande

Pinatas in the plaza sell for a song
We offer a hundred and then walk on
A conventional negotiation

From the edge of the pool, they say you can see to infinity
I try as I drink my chablis
My conscience is awash in wine
A lethargic emissary from an empire in decline
Interdiction, gone off the reservation
All the children are banned
It’s getting out of hand
As Pancho Villa and the rebels ride toward the western sun

It has only begun…

Jed Moffitt: songwriter, co-producer, vocals, keyboards
Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, backing vocals, guitars, bass
Ben Smith: drums
Jazmin Candia: backing vocals
Don Gunn: engineering, mixing, mastering

Copyright 2020 Jed Moffitt, BMI; SAS West Music BMI, All rights reserved.