By Dan MacIntosh

Sundogs – Move

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“Oddly, Sundogs don’t list Steely Dan as an influence/inspiration, even though “Refuse,” the second track on its fine new Move album, is a spot-on Steely Dan impression, from its clipped guitar part to its world weary vocal. However, it represents just one of 17 tracks (including five alternate mixes) on this smart, musically sophisticated release.

Many of these songs created by Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt (the duo that comprises Sundogs) are driven by Snow’s skilled guitar work. His style incorporates various jazz elements into a melodic, sparse playing method. For instance, one titled “Eddard” mixes Snow’s guitar with Moffitt’s soulful electric piano, for an irresistible sonic vibe.

Speaking of irresistible, another, titled “Jackie,” rolls to a funky groove, which ups the jazz elements with a strong saxophone solo and soulful keyboards. One of the album’s quieter songs is called “Football Trick.” It speaks of the futility one often feels during this life by referring to poor Charlie Brown forever attempting to kick a football with the cruel and unreliable Lucy as his holder.

If you like your rock music smart and stylish, Sundogs should be your very next Move”.

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