By Jamie Parmenter
Review: Sundogs – Legends In Their Own Minds
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“Legends In Their Own Minds by Sundogs is a welcome sound of a band enjoying themselves and unafraid to go against the grain.

Many bands take themselves so seriously these days. Not Sundogs; they’re playing for themselves. New record Legends In Their Own Minds is a mix of jazz fusion and 70s pop/rock that may sound dated to some, but to many, it’s a blast from the past that’s needed in today’s overwhelming world. The band are having fun on their own terms, not swayed by what’s popular in the charts. On top of this, they’ve attempted something a little different with green-screened music videos featuring themselves in the forefront and images relating to the music’s lyrical content in the background.

Barnstorming opener Fallen Hero throws you right in at the deep end, literally… the video features huge waterfalls with the band overlayed in the forefront as Stan Snow on vocals sings: “Big river throwing out of the southland, you’ve got a dream and it’s calling you”. These feel-good lyrics filter through the entire song with the video supplying adjacent images amongst The Who style guitar and backed up with a country-rock vibe.”

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