By Jon C. Ireson

Sundogs – The Code

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“Blues and jazz have had many run-ins with one another over the years. The strong basic structure of the blues being infiltrated by jazzy modalities. The flittering overindulgence of jazz getting tempered by a blues-rock sensibility. The go-to band for this amalgamation is Steely Dan. Donald Fagan, Walter Becker and their crew forged a sound that captured the emotion of blues-rock with a refinement brought on by jazz to form a genre of their own.

Fremont California birthed, Seattle-based project Sundogs follows in the footsteps of those jazz fusion masters with a skilled album of crispy blues-rock solo riffs over creamy jazz keyboard. The project is a product of the musical partnership of guitarist Stan Snow and keyboardist Jed Moffitt. Their latest release The Code even boasts guest appearances from legendary musicians Alan White (John Lennon, YES) and Ben Smith (Heart). The Code is their quirky take on the new emerging conventions of the modern world mixed with a dash of good old nostalgia…..”

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