By Randall Radic

Sundogs Set to Release Stylish ‘Move’ LP

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“Seattle-based indie-rock duo Sundogs will release their fourth full-length album, Move, on September 14, a tasty collection of 17 tracks.

Entry points on the album include “Battle,” a blues-laced soft rock tune featuring gleaming guitars and graceful vocals. A driving rhythm gives the tune a low-down groove. “Refuse” conjures up memories of Steely Dan, rolling out on jazz and indie-rock flavors merging into an infectious melody topped by indulgent vocals, infusing the lyrics with palpable tones. A dazzling, controlled guitar solo gives the tune alluring jazz savors.

“Cast It Down” travels on AC/DC-like guitars and then flows into potent layers of indie rock. A personal favorite, “Future Of Dreams,” fuses jazz surfaces with light indie rock. Low-slung yet glistening, the melody sways on a charismatic rhythm, enticing and finessed with creamy colors.

Simultaneously retro tinted and polished, Move offers glossy indie-rock embellished with swanky textures of cool jazz aromas.”

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