By Randall Randic

Sundogs Release Irresistible ‘The Code’

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“…Featuring 12-tracks, The Code begins with “I Want It Now,” opening on a Who-like melody reminiscent of Quadrophenia. Blazing guitars and a resonant, sparkling piano fill the tune with layers of surging color and energy.

Entry points include “Pick It Up,” which conjures up delicious memories of Leonard Cohen, with its cool jazz-flavored/piano-rock tones on top of avant-garde-embellished rhythmic pulses. “In The Night of The Light” blends sparkling colors from Steely Dan with hints of Jackson Browne, but the song offers innovative originality all its own. This track is a personal favorite because of its scrumptious flow and undulating textures.

Another excellent track is the title track, exuding gleaming, low-slung tinges of piano-rock, along with tints of Steely Dan. The guitar work on this song is superb, demonstrating Snow’s virtuosity at producing diamond licks.

On The Code, Sundogs generate elusively familiar harmonics forming earworms listeners can’t resist, simply because they’re so alluring.”

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