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Legends In Their Own Minds, the Second Album from Seattle’s Sundogs
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“Oh, yeah, there is something about good old fashioned Rock music without pretension. That is exactly what you get with Seattle-based Sundogs’ new album, Legends in Their Own Minds. Twelve solid classic Rock tunes released in March as an audio and video album.

Musically the Sundogs touch on blues, jazz and pop rock of the late 70’s and 80’s reminding you of a time when groups like Steely Dan and Tom Petty ruled the Billboard charts. This is Rock for a smoky bar circa 1985 between 10 and midnight on a Saturday with a cold mug of beer. This is Rock out the back of a car with big speakers and a pick up football game. The opening track, Fallen Hero, is an ode to the late Tom Petty

Sundogs is Stan Snow, Songwriter and Producer on Vocals and Guitars, and Jed Moffitt: Songwriter, Co-Producer, also on lead vocals and Keyboards. Snow and Moffitt’s diverse writing styles approach their songwriting from different angles. They typically alternate vocal tracks throughout the album broadening the album’s gritty texture. Moffitt’s Alive Tonight is the epitome of the classic Rock ballad channeling a hint of Randy Newman accompanied by Snow’s blistering Rock guitar chops.”

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