By Lauren Rosier

Jazz fusion/classic rock band, Sundogs, share third LP, ‘The Code’

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“The Seattle-based classic rock/jazz fusion band, Sundogs, share their third full-length LP, The Code, recorded at Magellan Creek Studios.

The Code opens with the track “I Want It Now,” a classic rock song featuring blazing electric guitars, piano, and keys. The track is almost fully instrumental, aside from the occasionally sung title.

The track “Mystery Car” follows the opening song. The introduction has a seriously groovy melody featuring some excellent guitar work. The brass section gives the song some dimension as well as compared to the typical instruments. I love the story about the car and him being tempted to “take it for a joyride.”

The third song on the record is “Comin’ Back Home” and it’s definitely a head-bopper. The piano sounds great paired with the electric guitars. On “Pick It Up” the Sundogs slow it down a bit. The instrumentation on this song is great; I love hearing bits and pieces of jazz fusion and the piano in this song.  I love the incorporation of all the different types of sounds.

“In The Night of the Light” is one of my favorite tracks on the album…….”

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