Lyrics by Jed Moffitt
Music by Jed Moffitt and Stan Snow

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we present ourselves to the world. I am an architect. I am a politician. I am a fisherman. We like to think we are this positive image of ourselves. But others see us through their own eyes, often as much in terms of what we are not as what we are. We are noticed when we are not deceptive, not dishonest, not manipulative, not selfish. It doesn’t take much to be a good person. Just don’t do a bunch of bad stuff. Stan and I love to fish for trout. It is ironic in that we spend hours on the water creating subtle artifice to try to deceive the biggest fish in the river to bite our presentation under the impression that it will be a delicious lunch! (We really might re-think the fundamentals of fly-fishing. If the fish were evaluating us, he would be seeing us as a trickster at best–full of empty promises:) Still, the biggest fish on the river became the biggest fish on the river for reasons. He isn’t easily duped by our repetitive deception. And at the end of the day, when we walk back to the truck empty handed, we have a grudging respect for Mr. Big because he was smart enough to avoid our nonsense.

A shadow cruises in the pool behind the rock
Cannot feel my fingers, it is barely 8 o’clock.
Obsession for no reason, feeds a well of raw desire

Hey there, Mister Big…where the current intersects
See the drift delicious, spitting image of the usual suspects
Maybe, just this once discretion gives it up for valor

Jump the gun
Swing for the home-run
Don’t let some sad old memory kill your instinct to pursue
cause when the past slips away
what remains is new
We are defined by the things
We refuse to do

Hey there, Mister Big…we have been down this road before
Two leaps, an aerial release…we both know the score
Tomorrow is another day
and I’ll be back for more

Jump the gun
Swing for the home-run
Don’t let that kill-joy next to you, try to tell you what to do
cause when the past slips away
What remains is new
We are defined by the things,
We refuse to do

Jed Moffitt: songwriter, co-producer, vocals, keyboards
Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, backing vocals, guitars, bass
Ben Smith: drums
Mia Boyle: backing vocals
Eva Acton Stokes: backing vocals
Eric Patterson: tenor sax and horn arrangements
Javier Gonzalez: trumpets
Don Gunn: drum session engineering, mastering, mixing AltMix version

Copyright 2021 Jed Moffitt, BMI and SAS West Music / Stan Snow, BMI, All rights reserved.