By Stan Snow

There is a scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where a mine boss is interviewing them for work as payroll guards. The boss asks Sundance if he can shoot, and throws a small piece of wood across the dirt road saying “Hit that!” Sundance twirls his gun, looks to the ground and then slides the gun into his holster, preparing to shoot. Annoyed, the boss interrupts with the words: “No! No! No! Son, son, I just want to know if you can shoot!? He takes the gun from Sundance’s holster and hands it to him. Sundance fires and misses the target. The boss begins to walk away in disappointment. Sundance then says “Can I Move?” to which the boss replies “Move? What the hell do you mean ‘move’!? Sundance responds by coiling, drawing his gun, crouching and firing in a split second. He hits the target twice to the incredulous expression on the face of the boss, and then utters the words: “I’m better when I move!” Most of us are. We are better when we move. Especially during Covid times.

I wrote this song on a Martin 000-28 acoustic guitar tuned to DADGAD. I was going for a Michael Hedges, CS&N kind of vibe. Used a fretless electric bass, double tracked. Jed played beautiful piano parts. We added the orchestra sounds at the end with Mike Stone holding things down on the drums.

Far away, on a road, to the sun
I packed my vision and began, to run
But as I made my way through a storm of unprediction
I came to know…..
I’m better when I move, …or I’ll be done

Sitting by, the candle light
I contemplate my fate and find a way to fight
(I) struggle to rejuvenate and fathom through the mire
Looking back….
I’m better when I move, …and under fire

Torn and broken
Like an eagle falling from the sky
Altered circles
Spinning round and twisting through the night
Take these wings and
Make them strong
Find a way to fly

Down and out, I can’t go on
(but if) there’s a window, I can almost see the sun
I can choose to ruminate and tear myself apart
But what I know…
I’m better when I move,…than when I’m gone

Tortured spirit
Like the ghost of Ebenezer’s past
Chains all ‘round me
I can break them down if I can last
Find a way to tear this vision
Move beyond the grasp

Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass
Jed Moffitt: co-producer, keyboards
Mike Stone: drums
Don Gunn: drum session engineering, mastering

Copyright 2021 SAS West Music / Stan Snow BMI, All rights reserved.