by Stan Snow

Sometimes when I write a song I don’t know what it’s going to be about until it reveals itself in the process. This tune started with the bass line. I came up with it away from the instrument and then added the guitar part that helped establish the groove. When I added the melody and started in on the lyric it became clear that this song was going to be a story about Jackie and her lover. She just found out he had been cheating on her, and she is planning on killing him. As I wrote the tune I didn’t know until I got to the last line whether or not she would actually pull the trigger. To my surprise, she decided to let him live. Ha! : )

Ben Smith, the fabulous drummer who played on this track, said, just after finishing his take in the studio, “I think she should have killed him!”. We all had a good laugh. Eric Patterson plays a great tenor sax solo. Jed, Javier, Mia and Eva also have significant adds to this tune with jazz organ, trumpet and backing vocals, respectively. Thanks to all!

Dark, cold and cunning
Jackie walked into the room
She carried a loaded gun inside her sleeve
Down and out
She was driven to take the aggressive route
She walked up to her lover, and told him it was time leave

Out in the alley
Jackie told him what she knew
Business trips to Portugal don’t lie
Fallen down
She was never going to let him make a sound
She grabbed him by the collar, and told him it was time to die

Tight, too tight
She cuffed him and crowned him down
Told him everything was going to be all right
What he did
Didn’t mean anything at all
He had only lost his mind

Jackie took her pistol
And she aimed it at his head
He knew his life was over, as he cried
Done and gone
He was never gonna change his wayward song
But Jackie let him go, she couldn’t pull the trigger in time

Stan Snow: songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass
Jed Moffitt: co-producer, keyboards
Ben Smith: drums
Mia Boyle: backing vocals
Eva Acton Stokes: backing vocals
Eric Patterson: tenor sax and horn arrangements
Javier Gonzalez: trumpet
Jerome Smith: trombone
Don Gunn: drum session engineering, mastering

Copyright 2021 SAS West Music / Stan Snow BMI, All rights reserved.