By Stan Snow

As I was writing this tune I was thinking about the Early Middle Ages when Vikings from Scandinavia invaded Great Britain in AD 793.   I was trying to imagine what might have been going through peoples minds as they fought to defend their homeland. Many people died. Some were drowned in the sea, others killed or taken away as slaves. Villages, monasteries and cities found themselves besieged by these sea-based foreign intruders.   No matter how many times the Vikings were beaten, they always came back. In the end, they finally conquered England in 1066 and changed British history forever.

Over the ocean
Mountains come out of the sea
A thousand crusaders
Searchin’ for the enemy
Stand and fight
Til the battle is won
Everything changes
The moment you are under fire
All of your demons
Can never take the place of desire
Stand your ground
Til the battle is won
Ships on the rise
Heading west into the mid-day sun
Souls will be lost
Like the land of those who cross
Only forgiveness
Can ever make a warrior cry
Haunted by nightmares
The innocent are alibis
Hold your ground
Til the battle is won

Stan Snow:       songwriter, producer, vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin
Jed Moffitt:        co-producer, keyboards
Mike Stone:       drums
Don Gunn:         drum session engineering, mastering

Copyright 2021 SAS West Music / Stan Snow BMI, All rights reserved.